Unit 7: Unit 7: Assistive Technology- Discussion


Assistive Technology in Action

The videos and articles in this unit provide demonstrations of several different assistive technology devices.

  • Choose the device which interested you most and describe an instance where you would utilize the device to promote skill development during play for a child.
    • Make sure you tell us the chronological age and the developmental age of this child (remember, this will be different ages since the child will most likely have special needs).
  • Share an additional technology tool or strategy not featured in the videos or articles of this unit which would help children with special needs to be included in classroom learning and play.

   http://content-asc.kaplan.edu/CE430_1404A/topics/ce430-07-06-01-r-reference_video.html-  Link to the video 

Assistive Technology http://content-asc.kaplan.edu/CE430_1303B/highresmedia/youtubeu7_1.html

Picture Schedule http://media.pearsoncmg.com/pcp/pls_1256357227/index.html?wf=1&item=9


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