Unit 4 Mini Project 2 criminal justice


Unit IV Article Critique



The Article Critique assignment for this class is to investigate a peer-reviewed, professional journal for an article of interest related to prisoner reentry. You are to critique the article according to the instructions below.


Part 1: Identification of the article: What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so that they will be able to locate it.


Part 2: Summary: List the main points that the author has tried to establish, (i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, second, third). There normally will be at least 6 to 8 main points. If you are summarizing a court case, for example, you should discuss the following: What provision of the law was at issue? Briefly state the facts of the case. What legal tests were applied? Were there any unusual elements in the case?


Part 3: Your critique: You are to provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points that the author tried to make, or an overall critique of the entire article. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not sufficient. While you may make such a statement by way of introduction to your reaction, you must clearly and logically state the reasons for the position that you have taken.


The article you select for this assignment should not be more than three years old, and should be at least three pages in length. You are encouraged to utilize the Research Database found in the CSU Online Library located in the Course Menu. This database will allow you to quickly search through thousands of journal articles.



The completed Article Critique should be a minimum of two pages and no more than four pages in length (typed double spaced, and excluding the title page, bibliography, and appendices). The format for this assignment will follow APA style guidelines, and should be divided into three parts corresponding to the sections defined above (identification, summary, and critique).



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