Unit 4 DB SCM


You will begin your Key Assignment for this course in the Phase 4 Individual Project. In Phase 4, you will complete Part 1 of the Key Assignment and submit it as a draft. In Phase 5, you will add to the assignment, make changes based on feedback from your instructor, and hand in as the final assignment.

For this Discussion Board, you will post an outline of the full Key Assignment to the Discussion Board for your main post. You will need to read both the Week 4 and Week 5 Individual Project assignments so that you can create your outline. The outline should combine the section headings and subheadings that are specified in Key Assignment Part 1 (Phase 4 IP) and Part 2 (Phase 5 IP). The purpose of submitting your outline is to share it with your classmates for feedback.

Remember to keep your assignment in outline form; it should not contain paragraphs. It should parallel the sections and subsections of the Phase 5 Key Assignment.

Each student should complete at least 1 quality response to a classmate during the week using the 3-stage approach to identify the following:

  • What was done well
  • Weaknesses
  • Areas for improvement
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