Unit 3 DB Third Response Needed


June10, 2017

What a great topic to discuss Marsha. Your topic is an important one and should have cases to support your position and provide a wealth of knowledge. Will you be looking at any organizations for some input into your project, such as from the American Medical Association? Novelli & Banerjee (2017) recently discussed that many organizations have chimed in on this important discussion.

I have also heard that people with terminal illnesses are traveling to other states and even countries in order to have the option for assisted suicide. Will this be a part of your discussion? Robinson & Scott (2012) spoke about how the UK currently opposes it and how the topic has come up for discussion again.




Novelli, B. & Banerjee, R. (2017). Aid in dying: A Consideration of two perspectives. Generations, 41(1), 37-38.


Robinson, V., & Scott, H. (2012). Why assisted suicide must remain illegal in the UK. Nursing Standard, 26(18), 40-48.

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