Unit 1 2nd response


Health care and pros and cons of collaborating with other health care departments.


The general concept for health care from a hospital is to help the suffering, or try to relieve the pain of a sick person.  This is what is signified as quality care every health facility strives to achieve in best possible way.  

Communication is an imperative component to ensure that quality care is given.        


 Modern technology has changed the ways of communication especially within the health care environment.  The delivering of medical information from the results of labs, scans, to x-rays makes the turn around time is quick, which can determine on what kind of care the patient may need. 


Even though modern technology has helped with the process of medical information and enhanced it in many ways, it can also be a problem if a patient’s information is reported wrong.

With allowing the benefits of modern technology help with the achievement if the success of any healthcare facility pertains to the type of training that is necessary to make sure human error has at a minimal. 


The main objective within a healthcare facility is to verify the patient’s information within each department, each hospital has a computer system that electronically authenticate the proper information to the appropriate patient. With the electronic system as a bar code, which is precise information pertaining to the person at hand. The job of the first person that enters the data into the computer has to ensure that all the information is correct. 

This process is very convenient and can cut out mishaps that may occur within the transfer of data but can also a huge problem can occur.  For example if a person is allergic to a certain medicine and this is not put in the system, that can potentially be a huge problem.  This is why training of all staff is a crucial component of the healthcare system. 



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