U4DB: Contemporary Issues in Healthcare


Deliverable Lenth: 3-4 Paragraphs


In the United States, biomedical research is taken into serious consideration regarding health care. However, in most instances, the result of biomedical research takes decades to translate onto the clinical setting and is a very costly initiative.



For more information, read this article.



For this reason, there is much debate as to whether the time and cost it takes to make a scientific discovery is really providing advances to the health care community effectively.

Discuss the following questions in your Discussion Board response:

  • Why does health care rely so heavily on biomedical research?
  • What is the importance of biomedical research?
  • What factors contribute to the funding and support of biomedical research?


Nabel, E. G. (2009). Linking biomedical research to health care. Retrieved from the Journal of Clinical Investigation Web site: http://www.jci.org/articles/view/41035 

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