Two Page Paper- Operation Management- DUE THIS SUNDAY



Individual assignment using the project case: create a “polar” representation (also known as a radar chart in Excel) of performance objectives (similar to the “polar representation” figure found in your text book), and address each point below.

  • Begin this paper with an introduction.
  • From your perspective, in the analysis section of this paper, rank each performance objective for the current situation.
  • Rank performance objectives according to what you think should be most important.  This is the “To Be” scenario to turn things around.
  • Plot and generate the polar representation chart make the chart part of what you turn in. 
  • Use APA and cite the textbook. This is due Sunday night Week 2. Two pages.
  • End this paper with a conclusion.

Remember to discuss your reasoning for each point, select what you think are the top two performance objectives and explain why.  Insert the chart/s into the paper. Check out this web site for a good example of polar representation graph:  


Using the project case scenario (Turn Around at the Portland Plant), which is attached inside this assignment and also located under Course Information/Group Work/Assignments, create a “polar” representation (also known as a radar chart) of performance objectives (similar to the polar representation figure 2.11 on pg 60, chapter 2).1. From your perspective, rank each performance objective for the current situation.


Also Please use the book- Slack, N., Brandon-Jones, A., & Johnston, R. (2013). Operations Management (7th ed.). Harlow: Pearson Education Limited 


AND ADD A CHART!!!! DUE THIS SUNDAY!!! And use the Attachment as a reference 



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