Two page paper.



I need a two page paper by tomorrow. 

The instructions will be attached. 

and these instruction need to be focused on:


Follow formatting directions

Clarify/make your thesis more succinct

Make sure you understand and address what the prompt is asking for

Thesis should be one central claim/argument that addresses all parts of the prompt

Work on integrating sources more so they’re less cumbersome and don’t interfere with the clarity of what you’re saying

Make stronger connections between the quotations you use from sources and your analysis—explain how they support what you’re saying, don’t just add a “stand alone” sentence

Explain more thoroughly

Proofread for clarity, grammar, sentence structure & organization, overall writing style

Don’t add unnecessary details

Work on APA

Work on doing more analysis and less reporting—make sure your paper has a clear claim upfront and is less “reporting”


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