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Submitted by jonknee on Mon, 2013-03-25 22:24
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Truck Leasing Strategy

Please review the attached files and complete the work. Please use Microsoft EXCEL and use the formula bar for calculations.

Submitted by gerard on Tue, 2013-03-26 01:38
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Truck Leasing Strategy

body preview (21 words)

The xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx the excel file. xx xxxxxx any queries xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xxx

file1.xlsx preview (145 words)

1 Month xxxxx Plan

Month xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx Additonal Trucks xxxxxxxx Lease Cost Including xxxxxxxAdditional Drivers xxxxxFuel Costsxxxxx Cost
1 10 x xxxxxxxxxx $3,200.00 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x12xx $40,000.00 $6,400.00 xxxxxxxxxx $70,400.00
x14 xx $44,000.00xxxxxxxxx $28,000.00 $81,600.00
x x x xxxxxxxxxx$3,200.00 xxxxxxxxxx $47,200.00

2 Moth Lease xxxx

xxxxx Total Trucks Required Trucks xxxxxxLease xxxx xxxxxxxxx Driversxxxxxxxxxx Drivers CostsFuel xxxxx Total Cost
1 xx 10 xxxxxxxxxx $0.00$20,000.00xxxxxxxxxx
2xx10 $37,000.00 $6,400.00xxxxxxxxxx $67,400.00
x xxxx $40,700.00 $9,600.00$28,000.00$78,300.00
4 8xx $40,700.00$0.00xxxxxxxxxx $56,700.00

3 Month xxxxx Plan

Month xxxxx Trucks RequiredTrucks xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx Including Drivers Additional xxxxxxx Costsxxxx xxxxxTotal xxxx
xxxxx$35,475.00$0.00 $20,000.00 xxxxxxxxxx
21211 xxxxxxxxxx $3,200.00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x 14 11$35,475.00 xxxxxxxxx$28,000.00 xxxxxxxxxx
x 87 $28,000.00 xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx $235,225.00

4 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx

MonthTotal Trucks Required xxxxxx LeasedLease xxxx xxxxxxxxx Drivers Additional Drivers Costs Fuel CostsTotal xxxx
x xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $53,440.00
x xx xx$33,440.00 $3,200.00$24,000.00 $60,640.00
xxx 11 xxxxxxxxxx$9,600.00 $28,000.00 $71,040.00
x 8 11xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx $16,000.00$49,440.00
Total xxxxxxxxxxx

xx xxxxxxx xxxx

Monthxxxxx Trucks Required Trucks Leased Lease Cost Including xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Costs Fuel Costsxxxxx Cost
x1011xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx$20,000.00xxxxxxxxxx
x12 11xxxxxxxxxx $38,400.00$24,000.00 $95,840.00
314 11 xxxxxxxxxx$44,800.00$28,000.00$106,240.00
48 xx $33,440.00xxxxxxxxxx$16,000.00 xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx is based on the xxxxxxx xxxx

Final Analysis Report

Lease Planxxxx
1 xxxxx$258,400
x xxxxx $259,400
x xxxxx $235,225
4 Monthxxxxxxxx
xx Layoffs xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx Lease xxxx
Cost xx Optimal xxxx$234,560.00
No Layoffs xxxx xxxx increase the xxxx by$128,000.00

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