Transrail’s point of view

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Transrail is bidding on a project that it figures will cost $400,000 to perform. 
Using a 25% markup, it will charge $500,000, netting a profit of $100,000. 
However, it has been learned that another company, Rail Freight, is also 
considering bidding on the project. If Rail Freight does submit a bid, it figures to 
be a bid about $470,000. Transrail really wants this project and is considering a 
bid with only a 15% markup to $460,000 to ensure winning regardless of whether 
or not Rail Freight submits a bid.
a. Prepare a profit payoff table from Transrail’s point of view. (7 points)
b. For this payoff table find Transrail’s optimal decision using (1) the pessimistic 
approach, (2) the optimistic approach, and (3) minimax regret approach. (10
c. If Rail Freight is known to submit bids on only 25% of the projects it 
considers, what decision should Transrail make? (6 points)
d. Given the information in (c), what is EVPI? (7 points)

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