TransMedia Creative Writing Dialogue Script Due In THREE HOURS

I don't know whether or not to trust this situation again b/c all the tutors here are very fraudulent, but I have an assignment that I need completed in THREE HOURS (EST). If you cannot, will not or do not understand the assignment or cannot make the deadline please DO NOT consider this assignment.
I have to write a specific story. I am in a GROUP PROJECT so it is very important that the instructions are followed correctly and the deadline is met. I am going to attach the groups outline. Each one of us had to take a part and write A SCRIPT for that part and then we will collectively put the scripts together to make one story. My part is highlighted in YELLOW on the attachment. It is called, "Rising Tension-Plot Point #1". Please follow storyline and character names, which are included in the outline. Remember my portions is in YELLOW. 
Please email me with any questions/concerns/refusal at msmalibubarbie at g-mail dot com. This teacher DOES NOT EXCEPT LATE WORK so if I don't have it by the deadline, that's it. NO EXCEPTIONS GIVEN. He doesn't care if my dog died, ate my homework or that your computer crashed.
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