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Submitted by sompon123 on Fri, 2012-06-22 15:32
due on Mon, 2012-06-25 15:28
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Translation Exposure And Economic Exposure

Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-06-26 16:41
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xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Solution x
Current xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx Media
xxxxxxx xxxxx
xx xx 31st xxx 2011
Amount xx xxxxxxxxxxxx Rate xxxxxx in $Amount in EuroExchange xxxxxxxxxx in x
Cash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Accounts xxxxxxx900000 xxxx xxxxxxx
Accounts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3782000xxxxx Term xxxx Loan & xxxx Payable xxxxxxx1.22 2196000
xxx From London xxxxx xxxxxx
Inventory 2500000xxxx 3050000Long Term Debt1900000 xxxx2318000
Loan xxxx xx 150000
Net xxxxx & xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx LondonPound xxxxxx
xxxxxx Stock 1100000 0.91 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Earning7200000 xxxx 8784000
CTA xxxxxxx341000
xxxxxxxx15738000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Income xxxxxxxxx
Amount Average xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in x
xxxxxxxx Salesxxxxxxx xxxx6053399.999999999
Export xxxxx 7670000 xxxxxxxxxxx
Direct xxxxxxxxxxx1.14 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1250000xxxx 1424999.9999999998
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx387599.9999999999
xxxx 5990000 xxxx6828599.999999999
xxx xxxxxxx1.146626409.6
xxxxxx Tax Expense(35%) xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4307166.239999999
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxx from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1.14xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monetary-Non xxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Avanti Media
Balance Sheet
xx xx xxxx xxx xxxx
Amount in Euro xxxxxxxx xxxxAmount xx $ Amount xx xxxxExchange xxxx xxxxxx in $
Cash1500000xxxx 1830000 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx3782000 xxxxx xxxx bank Loan & Note xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1.22 xxxxxxx
xxx From London xxxxx 100000
xxxxxxxxx2500000 1.14 2849999.9999999995 Long xxxx Debtxxxxxxxxxxx 1729000
xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx
Net xxxxx & xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 0.91 xxxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxPound xxxxxx
CTA Account1068000 xxxxxx Stockxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 7200000 1.228784000
12900000 14808000 1290000014808000
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Amountxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx $

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