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Submitted by sompon123 on Fri, 2012-06-22 15:32
due on Mon, 2012-06-25 15:28
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Translation Exposure And Economic Exposure

Submitted by AmazingExpert on Mon, 2015-11-30 22:48
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xxx 1

Current exchange xxxx £xxxxxx$/£ 1.72
€xxxxxx $/€xxxx
Earlier exchange rate€xx 1.1 xx€xxxx
Current xxxx xxxxxxMonetary-non-monetary methodxxxxxxx rate xxxxxxMonetary-non-monetary xxxxxx
Cashxxxxxxxxx 1,829,268xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx receivable 3,100,000xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx term bank xxxx & xxxx Payablexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxx London (£) xxxxxxx xxxx term xxxx xxxxxxxxx2,317,0731,727,273
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx Bank xxx150,000
Loan from xxxxxx xxxx (£ x 350,000
Common xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxx and equipment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx earnings xxxxxxxxx 8,780,488 xxxxxxxxx
Total Assets12,900,000 15,731,707 xxxxxxxxxxTotal Liabilitiesxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx14,800,443

xxx 2

Cash xxxx
xxx xxx Year 1 xxxx x
Domestic xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx5,310,000xxxxxxxxx
Selling xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx costsxxxxxxxxx5940000.000000001
xxxxxx selling xxxxx650,000 715,000xxxxx Operating xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1,250,000
Selling Price11.8xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Profit before interest xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Direct cost unitsxxxxxxxxxInterest xxxxxxx 177,360
Direct xxxx xxx xxxx5.4xxx tax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Income xxx expense xxxx2,034,424xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx tax3,778,216 3,925,766
xxx xxxx depreciationxxxxxxx340,000
xxxx xxxx xxxx operation in Italy 4,118,216xxxxxxxxx
xx xxxx 3,581,057 3,225,532
Net xxxxxx xx Present valuexxxxxxx

ans x

xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cost xx xxxxxx into Euro xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx cost x€)100,000 Total projected xxxx xx Euroxxxxxxx
Profit xxxxxx 25% xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1,150,000
U.S. xx xxxx days borrowing rate 8%
U.S. 90 -120 days xxxxxxx rate 7% xxxxxxxxx cost xx Dollar into xxxx using forward xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxx xxxx

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Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-06-26 16:41
teacher rated 555 times
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xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Solution x
Current xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx Media
xxxxxxx xxxxx
xx xx 31st xxx 2011
Amount xx xxxxxxxxxxxx Rate xxxxxx in $Amount in EuroExchange xxxxxxxxxx in x
Cash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Accounts xxxxxxx900000 xxxx xxxxxxx
Accounts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3782000xxxxx Term xxxx Loan & xxxx Payable xxxxxxx1.22 2196000
xxx From London xxxxx xxxxxx
Inventory 2500000xxxx 3050000Long Term Debt1900000 xxxx2318000
Loan xxxx xx 150000
Net xxxxx & xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx LondonPound xxxxxx
xxxxxx Stock 1100000 0.91 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Earning7200000 xxxx 8784000
CTA xxxxxxx341000
xxxxxxxx15738000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Income xxxxxxxxx
Amount Average xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in x
xxxxxxxx Salesxxxxxxx xxxx6053399.999999999
Export xxxxx 7670000 xxxxxxxxxxx
Direct xxxxxxxxxxx1.14 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1250000xxxx 1424999.9999999998
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx387599.9999999999
xxxx 5990000 xxxx6828599.999999999
xxx xxxxxxx1.146626409.6
xxxxxx Tax Expense(35%) xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4307166.239999999
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cash xxxx from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1.14xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monetary-Non xxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Avanti Media
Balance Sheet
xx xx xxxx xxx xxxx
Amount in Euro xxxxxxxx xxxxAmount xx $ Amount xx xxxxExchange xxxx xxxxxx in $
Cash1500000xxxx 1830000 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx3782000 xxxxx xxxx bank Loan & Note xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1.22 xxxxxxx
xxx From London xxxxx 100000
xxxxxxxxx2500000 1.14 2849999.9999999995 Long xxxx Debtxxxxxxxxxxx 1729000
xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx
Net xxxxx & xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 0.91 xxxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxPound xxxxxx
CTA Account1068000 xxxxxx Stockxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 7200000 1.228784000
12900000 14808000 1290000014808000
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Amountxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx $

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