You work for the Propaganda Ministry in the fictional totalitarian state of Totario. The Supreme Magister regularly has the ministry develop propaganda campaigns to be shown to the populace. You will choose one of the topics below. Create this presentation in PowerPoint, develop and execute the campaign.
You will be graded on your creativity, effectiveness, and your use of propaganda techniques discussed in this class.

You need to use at least five propaganda techniques, and you must submit a list of what techniques you used and how you used them as part of your project.

I chose the following campaigns for this project:
1. Olympics
Totario is hosting the upcoming Olympic games and wishes to show to the world that the Totarian athletes are the best in the world and that Totario is the greatest nation. Newspapers in foreign countries have depicted Totario in a negative light and the Supreme Magister wants the world to get a feeling of its political, military, economic, and cultural greatness as it arrives at the games.

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