Time Value Of many


Show the formula or calculator keys or excel function/s you are using to solve the assigned problems.  This has to be completed by tomorrow 10:00 PM  eastern time.


Time Value OF Many

 What will $153,000 grow to be in 13 years if it is invested today in an account with a quoted annual interest rate of 10% with monthly compounding of interest?

 If you deposit $15,000 per year for 9 years (each deposit is made at the beginning of each year) in an account that pays an annual interest rate of 8%, what will your account be worth at the end of 9 year?


Bond Valuation questions

XYZ Inc. bonds have a par value of $1,000, a 33 year maturity, and an annual coupon rate of 12.0% with annual coupon payments. The bonds are currently selling for $923. The bonds may be called in 4 years for 112.0% of par. What quoted annual rate of return do you expect to earn if you buy the bonds and company calls them when possible?


 The ABC bond has a current price of $960.44, a maturity value of $1,000, and matures in 5 years. If interest is paid semi-annually and the bond's yield to maturity is 9%, what is the bond's annual coupon rate?




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