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Submitted by missdoit on Fri, 2012-01-20 22:24
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The three major challenges faced by business today are globalization, advances in technology and deregulation. Which of these effords the...

The three major challenges faced by business today are globalization, advances in technology and deregulation. Which of these effords the greatest opportunity for established businesses? Which affords the greatest opportunities for new businesses? Why?

Submitted by shahimermaid on Mon, 2012-02-13 05:45
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updated one

body preview (252 words)

xxxxxxxxxxxxx refers x xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx and the xxxxxx can xxxxx xxxx xxx where in xxx xxxxxx xx xx not xxxxxxxxx to have x brick xxx mortar xxxxxx or a virtual office. The xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx the world xx a xxxxxx xxx themselves.

xxxxxxxx in technology xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx in product and services x Take the example xx mobile, or laptops.

You xxxx xxxxx penny to buy xxxx xxxxx machine xxx xxx xxx you xxxx xxx next variant is xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx prize.

xxxxxxxxxxxx means xxx xxxxxxx of government controls xxxx an industry xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx for a xxxx xxx efficient xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx removal xx government xxxxx xxxxx the xxxxx business xx xxxx with xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Every business xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx advantage xx xxxxxxxxx its market. xxx consumer xx xxx xxxx and the xxxxxxxxxx have xx compete with each other xx xxx the heart xx xxx consumer.

All the three concepts xxxxxxx x xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx for xxx businesses. It is for the xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by shahimermaid on Fri, 2012-01-20 23:57
teacher rated 390 times
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let me explain the three terms individually, then the answer will be self explanatory

body preview (179 words)

Globalization xxxxxx x market xxxxx the xxxxx and xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx the world. xx is xxx xxxxxxxxx to have a brick and xxxxxx xxxxxx xx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx buyer xxx seller have xxx xxxxx xx x market xxx xxxxxxxxxxx

advances xx xxxxxxxxxx means the upgradation in product and services . xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx or laptops.

xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx and the day xxx buy, xxx xxxx xxxxxxx is launched xxx the product you xxxxxx is available xx xxxx the xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx controls from an xxxxxxxx xx sector, to xxxxx xxx a xxxx xxx efficient xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx makes the small xxxxxxxx in xxxx xxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx business xxxxx competitive advantage xx safegaurd xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx king and the xxxxxxxxxx have to xxxxxxx with xxxx xxxxx to xxx the heart xx the xxxxxxxxx

All the xxxxx xxxxxxxx creates a xxx of xxxxxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxxxxxx It xx xxx xxx xxxxxxx what they pick and excel.

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Submitted by maewrite on Wed, 2012-02-08 14:28
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Globalization and advances in technology affords new businesses a more level playing field where they can now compete with the giants.

body preview (175 words)

Globalization and xxxxxxxx xx technology xxxxxxx new xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the capitalization xxx intensive advertising xxx xxxxx name marketing xxxx xxx required xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx are able xx start xxxxx xxx xxxx advantage of xxx xxxxx of xxx internet xx market xxxxx products xxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx online. xxxx levels up xxx playing field where xxxxxx only xxxxx with huge capitalization can penetrate xxx world market because of xxx xxxxxxxxx travelling, xxxxxxxxxxx materials, and xxxxxx relations xxxxxxxx to present products xxx services. xx xx also fast and xxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx clients xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx

Established businesses can also xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx can do it xx a xxxxxx way xxxx start xx businesses xxxxxxx they xxxxxxx xxxx an xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx markets xxx xxxxxx xxxxx product xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx end of the xxxxxxxx is the xxxxxx posed by aggressive xxx tech xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx into the xxxxxx niches of xxxxxxxxxxx businesses. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx therefore xxxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxx with new technologies.

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