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There are 3 parts to this forum: Segmenting the Market, Target Marketing, Products and Prices. •Part 1 - In...

There are 3 parts to this forum: Segmenting the Market, Target Marketing, Products and Prices.

•Part 1 - In 2 well-written paragraphs, distinguish between these terms: market segmentation and target marketing. Define each concept and provide several insightful examples of each. •Part 2 - In 2 well-written paragraphs, explain the following statement which refers to the concept called product positioning : "Sometimes a firm can achieve a key differential advantage by simply emphasizing how its offering satisfies existing consumer demand/desires and needs better than its competitors."

◦Write 1 comprehensive paragraph, in your own words, defining the concept of product positioning (advantages). ◦Write 1 comprehensive paragraph, citing an example of a company, a product, and a positioning strategy that is NOT found in the textbook. •Part 3 - In 2 well-written paragraphs, explain this comment which is referring to the concept called managing the product life cycle: "Sometimes demand patterns must be modified for consumers to perceive a firm's product differentiation as worthwhile." There are 3 different major choices in what can be "modified" with 7 sub-choices.

◦Write 1 comprehensive paragraph for each of the 2 choices you made that defines the specific concept.

◦Provide at least 1 real-world example for each concept.

This assignment requires at least 10 paragraphs to sufficiently answer the questions.

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Three-part answer follows on market segmentation and target marketing, product positioning, and product differentiation

body preview (1118 words)

Part 1 xxx xxxxxx segmentation xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx segmentation xxxxx xxxx xxxxx are xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx that xxx be xxxxxxxxxx xxx target xxxxxxx xxx market officer xxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxx the target xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx The product xxx xxxxxxx xx carrying may use xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx which means that xxx xxxxxx market is xxxxxxx only xx x geographical location. This xxxxxxx refers xx start xx companies xxxx limited distribution channel xx production capacity xxxxx makes it xxxxxxxxxxx xx distribute goods to xxx areas when the xxxxxx xx nearby xxxxx is xxxxx xxx xxxxx segmentation is demographic or xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx be because xx xxxxxxx income, age, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx size, stage in xxxxxx xxxx or any other factor. xxxx is exemplified by adult xxxxxxx whose market segment xxx xxxxxxx older people, or sanitary napkins xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx psychographic, xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx attitudes, xxxxxx xxx

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