Technical Project Report On Microsoft Office Format Painter Imporvements


Submit your final technical project report.  It must be no more than 4 pages long. Your project will be evaluated on the following: 

  1. Organization: Is your project clearly and appropriately organized for your audience and your purpose?
  2. Content: Have you supplied your readers with the information they need to use your document effectively? Is that information accurate and up to date?
  3. Formatting: Is your project visually effective? Does the formatting make it easy for your reader to read and understand your text? Does the formatting reinforce your purpose?
  4. Style: Is the writing style appropriate, clear, straightforward and free of needless jargon?
  5. Correctness: Is the project relatively free of mechanical problems? Have you used a spell checker and proofread carefully?

Your project report should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. The title provided to the report should be clear and well connected to the task. The introduction should be inviting, stating the main task, and encouraging the reader to complete the task.

The body of the report should be organized in a logical order and presented effectively to keep the interest of the reader. All descriptions and steps should be concise and accurate. A variety of thoughtful transitions should be used to connect ideas.Headings and sub-headings should be used to help the reader follow step by step instructions. Visual additions to the text such as diagrams and illustrations should be clearly labeled and help the reader to follow instructions. The text should be grammatically correct with no spelling errors and use complete sentences.

The conclusion should provide a satisfying end to the instructions where the reader is given positive feedback for completing the task and suggestions are made for related activities connected to the task.


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Grading criteria
Information is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs and subheadings.
Diagrams and illustrations are appropriately positioned, sized and labeled to help reader's understanding of the topic.
All descriptions and steps are precisely described and accurate.
A variety of thoughtful transitions are used clearly showing how ideas are connected.
All sentences are grammatical correct, without spelling error with proper capitalization and punctuation. Complete sentences are used.


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