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Teaching writing should be an important part of the school day because learning to write will help students improve their reading, comprehension, and ability to express themselves. It is important to remember to give students authentic and meaningful opportunities to write so they value writing as a communication tool.

To effectively integrate writing into the curriculum, it is important to understand the stages of the writing process. That way, you as the teacher can provide opportunities for students to both practice and improve their writing and communication skills. Almost all written material that people read and write is known as expository writing.


A. Design an original lesson plan (using the attached “Lesson Plan Format”) that teaches students how to use the process approach to writing in order to write an expository paragraph. Include the following in the lesson plan:

1. Appropriate step-by-step writing instructions to help students learn the process approach to writing

2. An original example of an expository paragraph

3. A description of a writing activity within the lesson that is based on the “National Writing Project” information found on the web link (see below)

a. Explain (suggested length of 3–4 paragraphs) why you have selected the activity.

b. Explain (suggested length of 1 page) how the activity fits into one of the steps of the process approach to writing.

Note: Use ideas from the National Writing Project web link as you write your lesson plan.

B. Explain (suggested length 2–4 paragraphs) how the designed lesson plan and activity promote interest and engagement in writing


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