Guided Response:  When responding to your peers, suggest ways to continue to strengthen the contribution listed, so that this influence remains strong in our education system today. Describe why you believe this contribution should continue to be a part of our current education system.  Respond to at least two peers.




BY: Tiffany Futch


Improved teaching means teachers were taught to teach on more of a professional level by actual people qualified to teach. Normal schools broadened their curricula to the training of secondary school teachers, requirement of the completion of high school to be admitted to college for teacher training, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree. “High school completion was seldom required for admission, and the majority of instructors did not hold a college degree themselves.” (Diener, 2008). Society has come a long way when it comes to teaching, and who is qualified to teach. Higher education is required more than ever in today’s society, and all of these examples have helped with the success of the way teachers complete their degrees today.  


            When it comes to teaching in the 21st century, full time teachers are required to have a minimum of a four year bachelor’s degree. Technology helps play a role in the success of teachers and students in and out of the classroom. Like the rest of the class we are all completing our degree in an online program. When it comes to teaching in the classroom teachers can use computers and other devices to help children excel, and outside of the classroom, the students can utilize the internet to help them with projects, and even communicate with other students to help with projects.




Webb. L. D. (2014).  History of American education: Voices and perspectives. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.




BY:Christine Rodriguez


Teacher training is very important for teachers because they should be able to teach multiple subjects and be qualified in what they are teaching. Strengthening of the normal school curriculum and standards was needed in order for the school system to get better. In the 1900's schools exploded from 50 to almost 350, but with the low academic levels, teacher and students were not able to teach or learn at a college level. Teachers did not have, at this point, a college degree themselves. As the population kept increases and there was a higher demand for education, everyone began to need a high school diploma to be admitted for a college degree. 

University enter teacher training: "Teacher training at the college or university level, typically consisted of one or two courses in the "science and art" of teaching, had been offered at a limited number of institutions as early as the 1830s, and the universities had always been institutions for the education of those who taught in the Latin grammar schools, academies, and high schools" (Webb, 2014).
This did not qualify them as teachers when they took these courses, but it did make them become more knowledgeable then others and they were able to teach others. After the Civil War is when the school system grew and it would help the teachers take courses in what they wanted to major in teaching. 

Also Herbartianism, I believe was a great idea. It did not last long but it was a great five step process to teaching. It was an easier way for children learn and remember in mu opinion. I would have definitely kept it around to help in my classroom today. Preparation - the children received new information that related to old information or experiences. Presentation would give them a visiual of what they are learning. Association - putting everything together. Generalization - coming up with ideas that would relate to the material and Application - applying everything learned. I would definitely use it because it will show me that the children are learning and understanding what they are learning. 

Webb. L. D. (2014).  
History of American education: Voices and perspectives. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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