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Teacher-Parent Partnership

Read the teacher scenarios “ Assessing Other Educators' Attitudes Toward Students' Families.(will attached) Chose one of the following teachers to respond to: Teacher 1, Teacher 2, or Teacher 3. Summarize and critique what you would expect from this teacher if you were a parent of a student in their class. Then respond as if you were the principal/administrator of this teacher. Create a 3 page plan to include the following: How would you sway this teacher to understand the importance of a family/school partnership? What suggestions would you make to encourage your teacher to make positive change? What resources would you suggest to this teacher? Include ways to support this teacher as well. You must include at least three resources to support these suggestions to encourage a positive family/school

Submitted by ResearchPro on Fri, 2013-09-06 18:04
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Teacher-Parent Partnership

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xxx xxxxxxxxxx assesses xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx towards students’ families. xxx response xxxx will make up xxx assignment xx xxx first question. The xxxxxxx worries about establishing connections with xxx student’s parents. The teacher xxxxx xx xx not xxx responsibility to teach parents xx how xx raise xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx feels that xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx how to raise children xx their own.

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xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx PARTNERSHIP 1 TEACHER-PARENT PARTNERSHIP xxx xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT �5�

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Partnership





xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx


xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx’ xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx’ xxxxxxxxx The response xxxx xxxx make xx the assignment is the xxxxx xxxxxxxxx The teacher xxxxxxx about establishing xxxxxxxxxxx with xxx student’s xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx as not xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxx on xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx feels xxxx xxxxxxx need to learn xxx xx xxxxx children xx xxxxx xxxx Evidently, the xxxxxxx does xxx see the importance xx making any connections xxxx the student’x xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xx raise the xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx will xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx xx xxx importance xx family

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