talk about leader i choose Angela Merkel. it will be in 5-7 pages, Do it


Individual paper and presentation.

                Each student will select the memoir or autobiography of a person he/she recognizes to be a leader worthy of emulation. The memoir or autobiography will be the basis of a brief (5-7 page) paper on that leader. Third-party biographies, histories, articles, and other source materials should also be used to supplement and/or challenge the leader’s own words.  Theories, concepts, ideas, etc. from the course should be applied wherever appropriate to make the case that the person chosen was a truly effective leader. (If you change your mind about the person during the course of your research, you can explain why he/she was not an effective leader.)  Short presentations on the paper will be made during the final class session.  A proposal indicating the student has chosen a leader, looked over the leader’s memoir/autobiography, and identified some other source

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