SWOT Analysis for a 500 company... below is the description of the paper I'm needing help with


1) Pick a fortune 500 company.

2) Describe what the company offers.  (50 words minimum)

3) Describe who the company targets and why. (100 words minimum)

4) Name the company’s top three competitors and describe why they are or aren't a threat in the future? (100 words minimum)

5) How is the company performing? Why? (50 words minimum)

6) How could the company better compete using the marketing mix? Give two examples. (300 words minimum 

7) What threats and opportunities remain in the company’s near future?  (200 words minimum)

8) What stengths and weaknesses need to be addressed and how? Give two examples.(200 words minimum)  

8) Provide two sources of information you used to support your responses above.  i.e. Wall Street Journal, Consensus Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Time, newspapers etc.  (scan and attach or provide URL for me to view online.)


***Entire assignment, which includes both parts should be turned in at the same time and must be 1000 to 2000 words .***

***You must use either a Word or PDF file format.  

***Grammar, spelling, and punctuation need to be correctly used.

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