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I have to just answer Q1. Just 1 small Q.

[In bold and italics below, Describe the difference................]














 "Chapter 6 Case: Political Microtargeting: What Data Crunchers Did for Obama



Opening Case Study Questions:




  1. List the reasons a business would want to display information in a graphic or visual format?

  2. Categorize the five common characteristics of high-quality information and rank them in order of importance for

  3. Explain how is preventing any issues associated with low-quality information.








  1. Describe the difference between transactional and analytical information, and determine which of these types Spotlight used to identify its 10 tribes.

  2. Explain the importance of high-quality information for political microtargeting.


  1. Review the five common characteristics of high-quality information, and rank them in order of importance for political microtargeting.

  2. In terms of political microtargeting, explain the following sentence: It is never possible to have all of the information required to make a 100 percent accurate prediction.

  3. Do you agree that political microtargeting signals the dehumanization of politics?"
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