Supply Chain Demand Outline Critique


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I need 2 critiques in regard to each of the outlines below fitting the following reqs:

·         What did you learn from your classmate's posting?

·         What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?

·         What clarification do you need regarding the posting?

·         What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates' postings

 Outline #1

I.                    Introduction

A.     Domestic sales

1.       Pros of multiple distribution centers

2.       Pros of multiple shipping locations

3.       Cons of multiple distribution centers/U.S.

4.       Cons of multiple distribution centers/U.S.

B.     International distribution centers

1.       Pros

2.       Cons

C.     Supplier to internationally based mass merchandiser

1.       Opportunities

2.       Challenges

II.                  New location or expansion

A.     10 criteria listed

B.     Domestically

C.     Internationally

III.               Metrics

A.     List of five different metrics

1.       How this is assessed to a manufacturer and mass merchandiser

B.     Explanation of why these five metrics were picked

IV.               Template showing numeric calculations

V.                  Five factors listed

A.     Relates to section IV

VI.               Conclusion

A.     Five important facts about this presentation

B.     Points given to CEO about process

VII.              References




Outline #2

Key Assignment Outline


I.                   Introduction (300 words)

   A.               Current state of company

              1.                  Pro   

               2.                  Con

   B.                 International Opportunities

   C.                 International Challenges

 II.               Decision-Making Criteria (500-750 words)

   A.               Expand East Coast Operations Warehouse

   B.                 Build West Coast distribution center

   C.                 Manufacturing and warehouse option

   D.               International distribution centers in France and Spain

   E.                 10 criteria for consideration


III.             Metrics to Assess Success (300-400 words)

             Identify five metrics to assess the success of the international merchandiser logistics plan


IV.             Quantitative Factors (Excel Spreadsheet)

            Insert excel template with numerical calculations listed in section IV 


V.               Nonquantitative Factors (400-500 words)            

                         Provide five factors not considered in the quantitative worksheet


VI.             Conclusion (200-300 words)

            Summarize 3 to 5 points on what my CEO should understand about the decision process




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