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There are basic rules about a case analysis to follow. First, do not submit them in question and answer
format which is not appropriate for case analyses. Your case analyses must be composed in essay
format and adhere to the following APA style and formatting guidelines, which will help ensure a solid
grade on your first case analysis.
1. Include a title page containing case name, course identification, date, your name, and your
instructor’s name.
2. An abstract is not necessary in a short case analysis.
3. Write your case analysis in essay style with a tabbed first line in each paragraph. Make sure to
address each case question thoroughly. You are suggested to commit a minimum of one
paragraph to answer each question, two if necessary.
4. The content of your analysis must be at least 1,000 words. This does not include the title page,
main document, and sources in the Reference section.
5. The case analysis must include at least three heading sections such as Introduction or
Background, Current Issues or Issues Addressed, and Conclusion or Recommendations. The
names of the headings are at your discretion but must help the reader better understand your
6. The document must be double-spaced, the font must be in Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman,
and the font size must be 12-point. There should be no extra white space anywhere in your
document which includes line breaks and/or page breaks. The document must have one inch
margins all around.
7. Include a References section with your sources. Do not use the terms Bibliography or Works
8. Include and cite at least three scholarly sources for each case, and list these in the References
section. There must also be at least five citations throughout your document with at least one
being a “direct quote.”

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