summary about two videos about stress in a workplace and questions about them


if anyone is interested in doing this let me know so i can provide you with the 2 videos and we can discuss any further information. I need this homework in no longer then 12 hours. 



Watch the 2 videos titled “Back Safety” and “Stress.” The videos have been posted as 2 separate folders on the left side of your screen on Blackboard and are available as individual folders. For best result, please use Internet Explorer to open these video files.


Using what you learned from watching each of the 2 videos, summarize the key points discussed - maximum of 250 words . Also, answer the following questions :


1.      What are the 3 major factors that contribute to Job Stress?

2.       List 5 methods for reducing or preventing workplace stress

3.      What are the 3 common causes of back injuries among first responders?

4.       What are the 4 major factors that contribute to Job Stress?


5.       List any 4 methods for reducingor preventing Back Injuries? 

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