Summarize three sections - Economic


Hello there.

I have a descution chapter. I will provide you this like :

that has the article to be read. The only sections I want you to read and summarize them are in the end started from page 295 : The obsession with inflation, Doing someone a favor, and No trade-offs.


1- I would like to get half a page of these three section in only one summary.   

2- I would like to get a little explantion in few sentences like 3 in each section, so I can explain more what is about to my مisteners. 

3- I would like to get some interesting points about these three sections like 3 or two.

4- I would like to get at least 2 questions from the three section you deside to ask my listeners about the sections.


That is all, pretty much so easy. I would like to get it tonight between like 10 p.m to 11p.m. please

And please only serious tutors.


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