Success Paper



To develop your success plan, write at least 4 - 5 paragraphs answering the following questions.

(Note: a paragraph should be at least 3 - 4 FULL sentences long).



Creating an Action Plan

  • What actions do you need to take to achieve your academic goals?

It’s important to first indicate your academic goals, although that is not specifically stated. Is your goal to get your associates degree, to get your doctorate?

Consider actions you may have taken already like: adjusting your work or family schedules to permit you time to study, writing out your academic calendar, printing out your class textbook, joining one of the AIU student clubs to get involved with other students, etc.

Consider things you may do in the future: visiting the labs or tutoring in the Learning Center, learning to use the online library, etc.

If your goals are bigger, naturally your actions will be bigger as well. For example, if you are going to get a doctorate you will probably need to write extensively.

  • When will you start?

Hopefully as we are in week 2 you have started some of the actions you need to take. If some actions are in the future, indicate when you will start them, why at that particular time? For example, maybe researching graduate degree programs is something you’ll do a year or two before you plan to apply.

  • How will you stay focused on your goals and plans?

Consider how you will stay motivated. How are you going to avoid procrastination? Feeling overwhelmed? Getting burned out or bored?



Identifying and Setting up a Support System

  • Who can help you identify your strengths and your areas for improvement?

Be honest here. While your friend or spouse may tell you your strengths, can you trust them to tell you the areas you need to improve? Who do you trust to give you honest feedback, to tell you something is not done well?

  • Who can help hold you accountable?

You are ultimately responsible for your actions, however, what or who is holding you accountable? I say “what” as you may be accountable to your workplace, rather than an individual. Who or what is counting on you to achieve your academic goals? How are they holding you accountable? For example, many of you may be coming back to school to benefit your kids—but how are you going to account to kids if you don’t do your homework? Are you going to admit that you neglected doing your homework?



Setting Milestones

  • What time frame have you established for reaching each of the items on your action plan?

Be specific.

  • How often will you assess your progress?

How are you going to assess your progress and how? For example, maybe you plan to review the feedback for each assignment, and make improvements on a weekly basis. Perhaps you plan to evaluate your home and work schedule after each class.



Please submit your assignment. Be sure that your reflection paper is written using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spacing, and is created using Word.


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