Structural design - Civil engineering



Create a concise user’s guide to your table (see below) that includes:

  1.  Description of the appropriate use of the table, including all assumptions and limitations.  Provide references to applicable code sections
  2.  Provide definitions and/or explanations of all unfamiliar terms and abbreviations
  3. Create graphics (minimum of one) to aid in the understanding of the parameters used in the table.  Each parameter must be represented graphically.
  4. Include a copy of the table itself
  5. One example problem, worked out in detail showing how to use the table
  6. Two exercises (not worked out) with final answer.

Submit either .pdf or .doc/.docx file via BbLearn


Submittal by Saturday at 6am will make you eligible to be considered for 'best design aid'.  One project in each of the four categories will receive 5 extra credit points towards homework grade.

Tables/ Topics

Last Name begins with:Table
A- ERafter Table 2308.10.3(6)
F - KStud Spacing and Height table: 2308.9.1 
L - PFloor Joists 2308.8(2)
R - ZHeader and Girder Table 2308.9.5
My last name starts with A, so choose Rafter table 2308.10.3(6)
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