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 Question 1
  Positive reputation may be valued as an intangible corporate:
 Question 2
  Triple bottom line disclosure is primarily driven by:
 Question 3
  Which of the following is not a legal right of stockholders?
 Question 4
  Aristotle argued that:
 Question 5
  Which of the following statements is not true about the right to a safe and healthy workplace?
 Question 6
  The following are examples of stakeholders' economic power except:
 Question 7
  The following are among business purposes for establishing community relations departments except:
 Question 8
  Environmental justice is a movement to:
 Question 9
  In the first stage of corporate citizenship:
 Question 10
  What kind of power might a local community use to influence a company's decisions?
 Question 11
  Legal environmental intelligence includes:
 Question 12
  Which of the following is (are) core rights of consumers?
 Question 13
  A common tactic in a financial-incentive political strategy is:
 Question 14
  Under the World Trade Organization's most-favored nation rule:
 Question 15
  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created in:
 Question 16
  A business and its stakeholders coming together for face-to-face conversations about issues of common concern is:
 Question 17
  Economic leverage occurs when a business uses it economic power to:
 Question 18
  The Child Online Protection Act, passed in 1998,
 Question 19
  According to management scholar Karl Albrecht, scanning to acquire environmental intelligence should focus on:
 Question 20
  Technological innovation has aided the spread of globalization by:
 Question 21
  Mature adults typically base their ethical reasoning on broad principles and relationships such as:
 Question 22
  Firms that generally act only when forced to do so, and in a defensive manner are considered:
 Question 23
  Which of the following is (are) the core idea(s) of sustainable development:
 Question 24
  A stakeholder analysis:
 Question 25
  Which of the following is not an example of a social regulatory agency?


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    Strayer Business BUS475_Week11Quiz

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