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strategic predispositions/International management

describe four strategic predispositions. Select one strategic predisposition as your go-to strategy or the one that you relate to the most. Explain how you would use it to strengthen your abilities as an international manager. Then, briefly describe how the other strategic predispositions differ from your go-to strategy. Provide an example of when it is appropriate to use each strategic disposition.

Your response should be at least 500 words in length. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Submitted by neacy on Mon, 2012-08-27 11:42
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strategic predispositions

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xxxxxxx xxxxx STRATEGIC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx � xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PREDISPOSITIONS xxx xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx �4�

Strategic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx






xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx beneficial xx helping international xxxxxxxxxxxxx to make decisions tailored xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx goals and set objectives. x firm xxxx ethnocentric orientation relies on xxx interests xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx strategic xxxxx (Becker, xxxxxx Such xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx operations of the parent xxxxxxx xx superior xxxx xxxxxxxx to those xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx Since profitability xx the main driver of xxx xxxxxxx operating in ethnocentric style, xxxx lay considerable emphasis on xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx techniques xxxx xxxx use xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx Farms xxxxxxxxx with xxxx strategy repatriate xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx to xxx home countries (Kaufman, xxxxxx This xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx in mass production firms xxxx xxxxxx home xxxxxxxxxxxx

x firm employing xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tailors xxx production xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx the needs xx xxx host xxxxxxx’s cultural orientation. xxxxxxxxx on xxxxx xxxxxx xxx company subsidiaries xxxx formulate xxx implement xxxxxxxxx plans xxxx xxxxxxx these needs

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