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Here are the guidlines:


Case 1


We are going to analyse JC Penney, one the largest American retailers with revenues of 17,260 million US and ranked 153 in the list of Fortune 500. This firm had negative economic indicators in 2011, for that reason it changed of CEO. The new CEO Mr. Johnson took controversial measures which are detailed in the article of Business week JC Penney CEO tries to change the way we shop.


Please read the article JC Penney CEO tries to change the way we shop, which is attached. You can review additional information from business journal as Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, CNN Money or other credible source from internet.


Please prepare a document where you answer the following questions:


1. Perform an Industry Environment Analaysis.


2. Determine resouces, capabilities and core competencies of JCP.


3. Which is its business-level strategy? Explain.


4. Use the value-chain analysis to determine the parts of JCP's operations that create value and those that do not.


5. Which are the core competences JCP lacks in order to perform succesfully the strategy?


Which is your assessment of the decisions taken by CEO Johnson?




Times new roman, size 12, 2.5 cm, margins 2.5 cm each side, line spacing 1.5. No more than 3000 words, excluding references and cover page. APA Format. Use headings and subheading accordingly.




Paper will be reviewed using Turnitin, so please don't use any information withour include the citation. You are not allowed to copy part of your own papers from other past courses; that is considered as self plagiarism.



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