STRATIGIC PLAN ASSIGNMENT: This will be a continuation of the same mock case that I will upload for you again. I will also upload the first assignment that you did so you have an idea what was done before. Strategic Context a. Briefly explain why the IT plan is being developed. (Second paragraph) Ask yourself...Why is this plan being developed? Moving from paper records to electronic? Identifying where the medications errors are and improving the process to lower/eliminate the errors? etc b. What is the goal of the plan? (Third paragraph) What are you looking to accomplish with this plan? Improve the current process(s) that are in place? Eliminate redundant processes, tasks, or steps? etc c. What is the desired outcome for the facility? (Fourth paragraph) Have a fully electronic medical record? Eliminate all medication errors? etc d. What employees need to be on the IT team committee? (Fifth paragraph) In either a table or list, name the people who will/need to be on the team to accomplish your plan. CEO? department managers? etc
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Strategic context

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