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Part 1: The Every-Two-Week Budget Meeting Scenario

This is a situation I actually encountered: Wk4_written_assignment.doc

Analyze this situation by addressing the five questions on the last page of this document.

Here are the data two forms:

-- A version that is ready to “Load” directly into the BPChart run & control chart macro: BPChart_budget.xls

-- A regular Excel sheet that you can analyze either via Excel or QIMacros: Budget_data.xls

For this assignment, you must prepare appropriate process behavior charts as guided by the questions and provide your analysis of what you see.

[There is no length requirement. This is meant to be a relatively straightforward assignment and typical application -- please don't make it harder than it is]

Part 2: Take a weekly / monthly (even quarterly) important number from your everyday work that makes you (and your department or bosses) "sweat"...

...and do a run and control chart analysis. [I hope the examples from the tutorial, lecture notes, and "Data Sanity" gives you good ideas]

• If it's monthly, try to have at least 2 years' worth (24 data points).

• If it's weekly, try to have at least 6 months' worth (~25 data points), but a year (~50 weeks) is fine, too.

• If you try to use a quarterly figure, you'll need 5 years of data (~20 data points) to get a decent chart (as in the Bacteraemia example in the tutorial).

After describing your analysis, also answer these two questions:

• Has this analysis made you think differently about the situation?

• Given this knowledge, is there an alternative action to what's normally done in the weekly / monthly "How're we doin' ?" meetings?

• Go ahead and share this specific personal example at appropriate moments in this week's DQ dialogue and Lessons Learned.

I'm not looking for profundity here -- just evidence that your thinking is beginning to change. So, this is more of your personal "AHA!" rather than deep analysis. I'm more concerned with innovative application and not necessarily the 'right' answer.

Please submit your assignment in a Word document with appropriate control charts pasted in.

-- Be aware, I have Office 2003: Please make sure that you save your file accordingly – as a “.doc” -- so that it can be read (and make sure that the graphs don’t get obliterated in the process).


-- For those of you, like me, who have Office 2003 and using BPChart. The best way to copy a chart to paste into Word is to (also explained at the bottom of p.3 in my BPChart tutorial):

1) Click directly on it. This will put you into “Chart” mode, then

2) Hold down BOTH “Cntl” and “Shift” while clicking on “Edit”

3) Choose “Copy picture” and, most importantly, clicking the option under “Appearance “ – “As shown on screen.”

4) You can then use “Paste special” in Word

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the solution for week 4 assignment

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xxxx 4 Written Assignment

xxxxxxx xxxx situation by xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx questions on the xxxx xxxx xx xxxx document:

The “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” xxxxxx Meeting xxxxx xxxxxxx

The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx budget xx xxx next xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx “xxxxx” xxx “accountability” xx xx xxx air. xxxx again, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of “xx’s xxx xx xxxxxx”, “You xxxx to understand that xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that we xxxx’t plan for,” xxxx xad nauseumx permeate xxx xxx as well as xxx predictable xxxxxxxx to “xxx right xx it” xxxxxxxxx

A manager previously on the “hot xxxx” xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx regarding her paid FTE xxxx (See the recent xxxxxx xx xx xxx of 11 periods xxxxx above xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx have been below xxxxxxx xxxxx xx “xxxx done” fill the room, xx xxx xx asked xx share how xxx xxx xxx

xxxx xxxxxxxxxx manager is progressive and a good friend of yours. xxx has always xxxx one of xxx xxxx xx utilizing resources. After xxxxxx her

- - - more text follows - - -

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