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In Part 2, assume that your company has agreed with your site recommendation. Construction will begin shortly, and you have been asked to move to the new location to oversee the construction. Once the new facility is complete, you will take over as its first managing director. You should plan to be there for about three years. You will begin your assignment immediately and must be prepared to leave for the new site in 90 days. Upon arrival, you will need to hire a competent workforce – both workers and local area managers – to staff the facility. Moreover, as managing director, you will be responsible both for a successful start-up and for subsequent operations of the entire facility. This will be a good career move for you, as long as you succeed. As you approach this new assignment, however, it is important that you be fully prepared. Your supervisor has therefore asked you to prepare a short report outlining how you intend to acocomplish the following items in a timely fashion:

The project must:

  1. be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, with margins no wider than one inch
  2. have a title page with your name, the course name, the date, and the instructor’s name.
  3. have footnotes or endnotes, with correct citations
  4. have a bibliography of sources used.  
  5. be prepared using word processing software (Microsoft Word preferred). Projects may not be submitted in pdf or docm
Describe the approach you plan to take in managing the facility, including what you consider to be the optimal management style for maximizing productivity, employee retention, and employee satisfaction. Include a discussion of how this strategy will fit with the culture and challenges you may encounter abroad, as well as how you plan to implement this management style.  Student clearly identified and described the approach s/he will take in managing the facility, including implementation, along with a complete discussion of how the strategy will fit with the culture of the chosen country.



Describe your staffing plan, including how you plan to recruit and hire workers and managers needed in your new plant (assume you will need approximately 30 mid- and low-level managers and 100 employees). Student included a detailed and comprehensive discussion of the ways in which new managers and employees will be recruited for the new plant.



Describe how you will establish a rapport with the local population, including a discussion as to how this is similar or different from what you would use in your home country and, if it is different, the reasons for the difference. Student provided a thorough discussion of ways in which s/he will outreach to the local community, including a discussion of how this is different from outreach in the home country.


Describe the factors you will use to judge whether or not your efforts have been successful. Include in this discussion ways in which corporate headquarters should evaluate your performance on this assignment and specific metrics that can be measured for your plant operations. Student included and described relevant measures of success for determining if this assignment is successful, including ways corporate headquarters should evaluate performance


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