SQL Database w/queries and ERD diagram


This assignment consist of creating the SQL database with the required queries.  Using SQL commands to create the table, input the data (can be provided) and perform the queries as indicated in the attached document.


Also needed are updated ERD diagram (original provided) and 3NF diagram.


This is needed by JAN 23, 2016 for review


The file : Milestone2_diagram.vsd.DOCX is a 2010 VISIO file. remove the .docx extension to open in Visio.


rate negotiable.


Only SQL programmers apply.

This is not a written paper but a SQL designed database w/queries

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    Milestone 2 & final

    MS SQL ---

    In Module Four, submit asystemsanalysisforyour project, including a comprehensiveentity-relationshipdiagram(ERD).Although youmayuse anytooltocomplete theERD, itis strongly