SPSS One Sample T Test and Independent T Test



Lecture Review:  5


Topic:  One Sample T Test and Independent T Test








Dataset and coding sheet:  Low Birth Weight (coded)








The goal of this study was to identify risk factors associated with giving birth to a low birth weight baby (weighing less than 2500 grams).  Data were collected on 189 women, 59 of which had low birth weight babies and 130 of which had normal birth weight babies.  Four variables which were thought to be of importance were age, weight of the subject at her last menstrual period, race, and the number of physician visits during the first trimester of pregnancy.










Questions: (The 7 step process is not necessary unless EXPLICITY stated in the question)


  1. A recent journal article states that the mean weight for babies born to a mother who had uterine irritability is 1900g.  A researcher feels that is too high and conducts his own study sample to test that claim.


    1. What statistical test would be used here?  Why?

    2. Is the research hypothesis one or two tailed?  Why?

  2. A researcher thinks that the mean birth weight of the babies will be different in those moms who had a history of hypertension vs. those moms who didn’t.


    1. Please run an appropriate statistical test.

    2. Can we conclude significance?  Why or why not?

    3. Please interpret the p value in the context of the dataset.

    4. Please provide a conclusion to the researcher.  What recommendation (if any) could be inferred from this?

    5. Please produce an appropriate summary table (N, Mean, Std Dev) and visual aid to support your result.

  3. Did mothers who smoked during pregnancy give birth to babies with a lower body weight than mothers who didn’t smoke during pregnancy?



    1. Declare your null and research hypothesis




    1. State your Independent and Dependent Variable




      1. Report the level of measurement and any levels for the independent variable


    1. State the statistical test you are going to use and why




      1. Should state the conclusions about assumptions for using the test (for normality, please just provide rationalization from 2 methods learned)


    1. State your alpha level




    1. Report your results in APA format




    1. Report if you reject or FAIL TO REJECT your null along with why




    1. Report your conclusion in a statistical manner




      1. Should include : Mean values and std dev. values for the groups, your results in APA format and why you chose your conclusion along with what your conclusion means.












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