Special education


Tic Tac Toe


Description: This activity provides for differentiated instruction, flexible grouping and free choice as you choose which applications you want to complete.

Read Chapter 3, Designing Lessons: Vocabulary.

After reading the chapter, select ONE of the activities below and complete it for the chapter that you have selected. Cite your references, even if you only used your text book.

Grading:  Each activity is worth 25 points.

5 points for using correct APA style 6th edition format for citations, completing work on time.

20 points for content.


Application Tic Tac Toe Choices

5 Slide PPT/Prezi:

Slide 1: Introduction

Slide 2: 4 new ideas

Slide 3: 3 items to share

Slide 4: 2 ways to apply the information in the future.

Slide 5: 1 item to learn more about.

Parent Brochure: provide up-to-date “information to go.” Define appropriate terminology and explain it with in parent-friendly language. Include all APA citations.

Quiz: create a quiz that promotes higher level thinking skills and not just knowledge level questions. Include an answer key as well. 

Scenario/Case Study: create a 1 page handout of a situation based on  the chapter and recommendations on how to remedy the situation. 

Free Choice: you must run your idea past the instructor for final approval before beginning your application activity.

Video: Advertise at least 5 pieces of information from the chapter in a 3 minute video. Salesmanship will be considered as part of your grade.

Share an Article: include the APA citation as you provide a one paragraph summary, tell why the article was important to you, and discuss any additional information that you feel could have been included.

Guided Notes/Study Guide: Create a guided notes worksheet for the chapter that could serve as a study guide. Include an answer key. Format should be more than fill in the blank exercises.

Synthesis: Write a one page paper on how this chapter will assist you in the future. Include specific examples of information from the chapter and how specifically this information is beneficial.


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