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Week 5 COMP 101 DB response to classmates:


Phillip Trupiano                          

Re:Unit5 - Discussion Board

Hello Classmates,


            Through all my internet surfing, I never really thought about what makes a Web Page or what defines a web page.  I just sit down, do my search, and leave it at this.  It wasn’t until just now, taking this class and through this DB assignment that I stopped to think – Just what is a Web Page?  Well, after many aimless episodes of surfing, I have now been informed – A Web Page is a page that can accessed through the internet, via the web.  It is a page that may contain 2 –dimensional or 3-dimensional graphics, audio bytes, video clips, an email address for replies, or other various outlets for user feedback.  The underlying language for web pages are written in HTML, which allows for formatting and other ActiveX controls (Web Page, 1999).  Ok, I now have it. ~lol~


            I have written many of documents which contained portions of Word and Excel, but I never knew that there was a definition or label for them, but they are considered “Compound Documents”.  I just always took for granted that Microsoft had given its users the ability to produce such documents without much thought.  But, there is much to be learned from this everyday use of complimenting applications.  The ability to combine applications from other programs, such as, inserting an audio or other media clip from one application with another, such as, a word processing application requires activating or loading its associated user interface.  The technology (DDE, OLE) that allows the user to manipulate complimenting applications, and serve them up in a single context is called COM, structured storage, and uniform data transfer (Compound Documents, n.d., para. 1).


            Now, producing compound documents can be done by either linking or embedding.  The difference between the 2 methods is in how and where the objects source data is stored.  The residence of this data determines the portability and how the updates perform, and the size and structure of its containers (Microsoft, n.d. para. 1).  Linked objects inside a compound document still reside in its origin, and this is just a reference (Linked Objects, n.d. para.1).  Whereas, embedded objects are stored in the document, along with information used to manage it (Embedded Objects, n.d. para.1).


My conclusion from the above information, is this, - Web Pages and Compound Documents, such as External Excel spreadsheets linked to a Word document share many of the same characteristics, in that, they combine data from outside sources, but in a compound document, there is 2-way communication, the user not only can view the information, but also manipulate it, unlike a web page.




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Angeline Cannon                         
Re:Unit5 - Discussion Board Angeline Cannon

Compound Documents

What is the definition of compound documents? A compound document is explained as a user’s application to reference, organize or manipulate data written in a variety of formats that is incorporated into a single document from external sources. For example, a user may copy data into a Word document creating a graph or chart, by extracting it from an Excel application to create a second application and a sound as a third application that can played within the context of the single document. (MSDN Library, 2014)  

Individuals can write documents as well as design spreadsheets and create a presentation which can be inserted into a single document. It does not matter if an individual was adding live data from an external source or adding a photo to a document, the combination of data is known to be a compound document. (Hassell, Douglas, eHow Contributor, 2014) 

What is object linking and embedding? Object linking is when an individual links an object to a compound document by inserting it and is still linked the source of the data in the original documents where it was created.  The compound document is references to the actual data and if data changes in the original document, it will be updated in the compound document as well. Object embedding is when a user stores the embedded into a compound document with all the information to manage the embedded object. The embedded object becomes part of the compound document and is no longer linked to the original source. For instance if the information change in the location of the original source where the embedded object was once located, the changes will not affect the data in the compound document. (MSDN Library, 2014)

An external Excel spreadsheet linked into a Word document is considered part of a compound document because if more than type of application is located within a single document, it then becomes a compound document.

A Web page can be created using a Microsoft word document. Therefore because a web page have a variety of different text, images, sounds, videos with a large amount of data that can viewed from that one web page, I think that it is safe to say that a web page is created by object linking and embedding into a single document.(the web page itself).



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Tamisia Smith                         
Re:Unit5 - Discussion Board

Tamisia Smith DB5


What is a compound document? Compound documents are documents linked to an existing document that allows the user working within a single application to manipulate data written in various formats and derived from multiple sources. “For example, a user might insert into a word processing document a graph created in a second application and a sound object created in a third application” ( Initiating the graph causes the second application to load its user interface, or at least that part containing tools necessary to edit the object. Activating the sound object causes the third application to play it. In both cases, a user is able to manipulate data from external sources from within the context of a single document.


According to, there is a way to link the contents of a document into an Excel workbook. This process is called object linking and embedding or OLE. This feature allows you to insert an entire document and still work with it in its original program. All you have to do is double click the cells, or (object) and Word will run Excel. “The main differences between linked objects and embedded objects are where the data is stored and how you update the data after you place it in the Word file” ( This makes it a compound document.


What is a web page? A web page is a web document that is accessible on the internet. It is possible to create a document in word and then make it a webpage. A web page is accessed by entering a URL addresses and may contain text, graphics, and hyperlinks to other web pages and files. However, it cannot be manipulated by the user so in my opinion, a webpage is not a compound document.



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