sociology reflection paper


at least 3 pages MLA format


Sexual Orientation: Outline both the Kinsey model of sexual orientation and the Klein model of sexual orientation (Chapter 12). What is similar? What is different? If you've reviewed these two models to see where you may lie, discuss your results if you are willing. Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not? You may also discuss this in more vague terms--what do you think of these models? For your review, both of these models are attached as a PDF at the bottom of this page (scroll down).

Then, discuss some key points related to the issue of maintaining sex and gender binaries (male/female and masculinity/femininity) in society. Why are they problematic? In what ways do they influence a skewed understanding of the terms "sex" and "gender," as well as conformity to particular sexual orientation(s)? Be sure to illustrate your answer with explanations from the text, our lectures and/or other cited research. 

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