Please answer all parts of the 2 questions you choose to answer. You should answer both the questions in one single post rather than respond to each question in different posts. 

I am looking forward to a great discussion from all of you this week.

  1. What are a few careers that are mostly dominated by men and those that are dominated by women? Pick 1 career that is dominated by women and 1 that is dominated by men and explain how the opposite sex are treated in these careers (or other positions)? What does this suggest about the way gender structures human social relations?
  2. Describe 2 ways in which women are at an advantage and 2 ways they remain at a disadvantage in workplaces? After that, offer a couple of suggestions that will address those disadvantages
  3. Explain how culture, age, race, and geographic location among other variables interact in the 'social construction of gender?' Provide clear examples to substantiate your analysis.
  4. Explain why a 'hegemonic male's' social status is considered invisible. Give at least 2 examples to substantiate your reasoning.
  5. First, explain the 'woman question' from a functionalist andfeminist perspective. Next, critique both the perspectives, highlighting the problems with each one of them.
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