Assignment 1: The Sociological Viewpoint Toward Social Problems Presentation (Due Week 2)



One of the most crucial components to this course concerns addressing social problems in society from a sociological viewpoint as opposed to a strictly policy-oriented, psychological, or criminal justice viewpoint. Although many different viewpoints in social science are valid and have a lot of importance, it is equally important for us to understand how sociology looks at the nature of social problems in society today. This presentation will enable us to explore why certain social problems seem to be regarded as more significant than others. Our job will be in defining the sociological viewpoint, and choosing one social problem that we think is of high importance. We will build upon the topic we choose in this presentation for our second and third assignments. 


For this assignment, you will put together a presentation. It is suggested that you use Prezi as it is a great way to integrate text, images, and video in a moving, spatially organized format. Go to: and set up a new account (it is totally free).

Next, go to this page to view instructions on how to create a Prezi:

You may also view some example Prezis here:

You may also use PowerPoint or use another program, such as Keynote, YouTube, etc.  Please attach, embed, or provide a link to your presentation to submit it for grading.

Your Presentation must do the following:

1)    Explain how the sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches. You must integrate the course text in your answer.

2)    Next, using one social problem that exists in society, explain how the sociological imagination allows us to connect a personal trouble with a societal problem.

3)    What might be one strategy that could help to reduce or eliminate this social problem? 

4)    Define two concepts from our text that relate to your chosen social problem and analyze how these concepts help us better understand the social problem you are discussing.

5)    Define two sociological theories/perspectives from our text that relate to your chosen social problem and analyze how these theories help us better understand the social problem you are discussing. 


Your presentation should utilize sound critical thought and it should include appropriate APA in-text citations and full APA references at the end.


The structure of the Presentation must include the following:







See Syllabus.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Assignment 1 will evaluate your ability to do the following:

Course Objectives:

Course Objective One

Identify specific social problems and their cause-effect patterns. 

Course Objective Two

Identify current research methods that are utilized for the investigation of social problems.

Course Objective Three

Compare and contrast current and suggested policies, programs, and/or treatments in terms of their effectiveness for alleviating the negative consequences of social problems.

Course Objective Four

Apply class concepts to support opinions about social problems.

Course Objective Six

Explain the role of culture in identifying social issues as problems.

Course Objective Seven

Apply sociological theories to explain the occurrence and scope of these problems.


Grading Rubric

View the grading rubric so you understand how you will be assessed on this Assignment.  Click the grid icon at the top of this instruction page, or the grid icon under "View iRubric" on the main Assignments page.

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