Social Networking


Select one microblogging site (Twitter, FriendFeed, etc.) based on your research and Discussion from Unit 2. (THE CHOSEN SITE IS FACEBOOK-I CAN SEND YOU INFO)

  • In a 200–250 word essay, compare the various sites available for both social networking (Twitter, FriendFeed, etc.). Start a NEW microblogging account.
  • Make your first microblog post.

  • Note: You must select a microblogging site that allows you to see the microblogs of other students. This can be verified by ensuring that your microblogging site capable of importing Twitter’s “tweets.” Review the site’s Twitter policy.
  • Text message abbreviations and emoticons are acceptable, yet be sure that words are otherwise spelled correctly. Your messages will be read by the entire class, and had they been posted for the general public, could have been read by millions. Present yourself and your messages in a professional manner

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