For this assignment I would like you to to visit the link within the class "People Like Us" which are provided below and provide an response thread in the weekly forum on the attitudes and perceptions of the individuals that are interviewed and portrayed within the clips. 

You can use the main video or utilize any of the "People Like Us" series. You may use your text and/or notes to help you describe the individuals and you will need to use concepts from the text/notes to better explain the clips.

If this does not work then go to YouTube and search "People Like Us". The first clip should be the starting point. You should visit at least 2 other clips to provide various perspectives. You will need to identify the clips by the name given to them by PBS.

You will need to provide an analysis of the videos using terms and concepts from the text/notes. 

Forum requirements

1 full page of text equivalent to a Word document with 650-700 words.  You will need to identify the clips that you viewed as well.

Academic response using terms and concepts from text/notes

1 original thread (12 pts) and at least 4 response threads (2 pts. each) to your peers. Responses do not include "I agree", "I disagree" types of responses. You will need to provide substantive responses that help create a discussion concerning the material being discussed. You response thread needs to be at least 50 words.


Please proofread carefully to meet the requirements above 

Also, Attachments below are terms/concepts from my texts/notes. 


Here is the LINK:



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