Question 1.    Question :    A pension is an example of a(n)

              defined contribution plan.

               defined benefit plan.

              undefined contribution plan.

              undefined benefit plan.

Question 2.    Question :    In a new trend regarding leave time, companies are beginning to offer what is called __________ leave time, where employees decide whether they are using leave time for vacation, illness, caregiving, or work-life balance.





 Question 3.    Question :    Which of the following is NOT true of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

              It is illegal for employers to fire or refuse to hire someone on the basis of pregnancy.
              It is illegal for employers to deny promotion or demote someone on the basis of pregnancy.
               It limits pregnancy-related benefits to married employees only.

              It mandates that a pregnant woman be treated equal to any other employee who becomes sick or temporarily disabled.

 Question 4.    Question :    Addressing different __________ must be the key emphasis for businesses that want to attract talent from a __________ workforce.

              needs; homogenous

               lifestyles; diverse

              outcomes; diverse

              lifestyles; traditional


Question 5.    Question :    Which of the following is NOT one of the premises of symbolic interaction, as defined by Blumer?

              Humans behave according to the meanings events have for them.
              Meanings are derived from interactions with other people.

               Meanings require objective interpretation based on societal values.
              Meanings require subjective interpretation.

Question 6.    Question :    Once they become unemployed, college-educated, managerial-level workers are more likely than others to experience


               chronic unemployment.

              immediate rehiring.

              re-training for a new profession.

 Question 7.    Question :    The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act is particularly relevant in today’s workforce because National Guard and Reserve members

               need their civilian jobs protected if they are suddenly deployed.

              only lose their seniority, not their jobs or benefits, if they are deployed.
              were not previously job-protected, as regular Army and Navy members were.
              can keep their civilian jobs if they return to work the first full day after release from service.

 Question 8.    Question :    Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics of today’s nontraditional college students?

              being a single parent

              working 38 hours a week

               being 18 or 19 years old

              caring for a dependent


 Question 9.    Question :    What is the name of the theory that says individuals or groups have certain tendencies regarding job satisfaction that may not be significantly affected by changes in the workplace?

               Dispositional Theory

              Theory of Predisposed Thought

              Range of Affect Theory

              Individualized Theory


 Question 10.    Question :    One potential social challenge created by teleworking is that a teleworker may

              lose the balance between work and family.

              produce more than fellow workers.

               feel isolated and disconnected.

              not be able to care for a sick child.


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