Smart Card activities


1                 Word or Publisher Format


1 PowerPoint Format

SmartCard fills the 3-4 pages without leaving the sense that the author forced it to fill the layout space.

SmartCard fills 7 slides.  One title slide and 6 slides with one structure and its two activities on each slide.

2              Layout & Appearance

SmartCard is visually appealing and colorful.  Clipart has been used to complement and enhance the Smart Card.

Text is consistent in font, style and size (Ex. Comic Sans; bold; 14 point) (no smaller than 12 point & no larger than 16 point.)  Font is easy to read

Titles can be different from the article in text size, style and type. 

3 Structures Part 1

Includes 6 total structures, 2 for each area:

*listening                                    *speaking                                       *writing

4 Structures Part 2

Explicit & easy to follow directions for all 6 structures,

5  Activities Part 1

There are 2 activities for each structure (total of 12). 

6  Activities Part 2

Explicit & easy to follow directions for all 12 activities

7  Activities Part 3

All 12 activities have been aligned to a standard for listening, speaking or writing

8        Kansas Career and College Readiness Sheet

The indicator number and complete standard descriptor is present and easily identified for all 12 activities

If PowerPoint is used, this can be on additional slides.

9 Mechanics


The text has no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling or word omissions

10    Written Reflection

One complete page reflection on the process of building your SmartCard.

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