Small group communication 3 questions 1 page each



Question 1: 1 page




Select a leader who has made a difference in the world (the individual must be an important national or international leader).




Explain the types of power you think that individual exerted in their leadership and describe examples that illustrate how they used that power.




THEN Explain how that leader would be evaluated based on a traits based approach and a charismatic approach.




Question 2: 1 page




What is a zero history group, and how does zero history affect group communication?




When would it be advantageous and when would it be a drawback to be in a zero history group? Describe a specific example.




Explain at least 2 reasons it is important to study small groups from a life-span perspective? How does group maturity, ability, willingness, and history affect small group development (explain the effect for each and every one of the terms noted).






Question 3: 1 page


Read the case study on pages 199-201.




Describe the type of conflict each and every person in the discussion is perceiving. Be sure to refer to specific statements (direct quotes) each person said to support your analysis. THEN identify the conflict management style each and every person in the scenario is using, and be sure to refer to specific states each person said to support your analysis (direct quotes). THEN imagine you are the leader of that group. What strategy would you use to address the conflicts that are occurring and why would you use that particular strategy?



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