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for Sir_Excellence

Prepare: Start by reviewing General Education Curriculum found in “Section Five: General Academic Information and Policies” in the Ashford University Academic Catalog, which addresses the core competencies that the general education courses must cover: Applied Ethics, Communication, Information Technology, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Reasoning. Review Week Five Resources that are applicable toward career success.

 Reflect: Think about the core competencies as previously mentioned and ponder your time taking general education courses. Reflect on the specific courses not associated with your college major and determine the level of new information you have acquired that relates to the core competencies. You must also think about a potential job you might apply to once you graduate and determine what skills you developed through general education courses that make you qualified for a specific job. 
 Write: For this discussion, you will address the following prompts:
  • Review a job description through a job website (e.g., Career Builder, Monster, etc.) in your desired career field and identify at least five skills you have obtained through your general education courses that will make you successful at this job.
  • Demonstrate with at least two examples how your newly acquired knowledge and skills have shaped both your personal and professional development.
  • Describe your plans for putting your education to use within your community.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length, which should include a thorough response to each prompt. You are required to provide in-text citations of applicable required reading materials and/or any other outside sources you use to support your claims.

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A+++ Answer

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x

xxxx Competencies




xxxx Competencies

My xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx in the health xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx sector has seen the assimilation xx x wide variety xx careers in support of quality xxxxxxxxxx service provision. xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx service xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I xxxx xxxxxxxx the following five xxxxxx through xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx courses; xxxxxxx to interact xxxx xxxxxxxxxx problem-solving xxxxxxx working in xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx desire for xxxxxxxx xx well as xxxxxxx uprightness. The job xxxxxxxxxxx for an ultimate health service xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in quick problem solving and decisiveness (Career xxxxxxxx 2017). xxxx xxxx be used xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in similar xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in health service xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Different xxxxxxx have prepared xx to gather

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Submitted by amyjhon2013 on Sun, 2017-03-19 18:51
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GEN 499 week 5 DQ 1 (Initial Discussion post + responses)

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Supply Chain Mangement*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

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Supply Chain Mangement

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xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxx xxxxxx chain xxxxxxx facilitates xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxx aspects xx the xxxxxx chain which comprises xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxx plan or xxxxxxxx

xxx source


xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

the return xxxxxx

The xxxxxx chain manager tries to xxxxxxxx deficiencies xxx hold costs xxxxx The xxx xx not just about xxxxxxxxx xxx acquiring xxxxxx As xxxxxxxxx by, supply chain managers, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx enhance profitability, quality, and effectiveness xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx xxx productivity xx straight xx the bottom line xx xx organization and have x real xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Careers Service, n.d.).

Supply chain xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx cost xxxxxxxxxxx e-business/e-procurement xxxxxxxx They xxxxxx likewise have xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx great xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and a comprehension of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Since xxxxxx chain xxxxxxxxxx can xxxxxxx working across over silos xxx in x wide range of cultures,

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