Should a Price be Put on the Goods and Services Provided by the World's Ecosystems?


yes postion.  Organize your facts first and post your individual contribution before our next class to the blackboard discussion board in preparation for the debate.  Please include:

1. Read and extract cited evidence from the articles posted to the Assignments/Why is Biodiversity Important CH3/Readings andDebate tab as well as the textbook.  Assemble at least ten facts clearly supporting your position from the required sources first then look for additional examples or statistics as needed.   I am looking for primary research from tertiary sources or primary scientific research journals, textbook or government agencies (not blogs, newspaper articles, magazines).  This document should have your name on it only.  It is not an essay or research paper, you can use bullets to make the list with scientific citations.

2. Use in-text citations and a reference list.  Use MLA or APA.   Remember graphs, diagrams and tables should be cited too.

  • If you are the YES position, you are looking for examples, data, graphs, charts, statistics that ecological services ARE PROTECTED AND SUSTAINED if they have a monetary value attached to them. Look for acres or hectares of land protected, bee or forest diversity increased, endangered population increased or maintained,  established rules of use, laws to protect and enforcement, money used to restore the resource)
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