Short Research Report Assignment


Topic :  Health care crisis
Assignment:  You will write a short research report on one of the common business place problems discussed in your textbook: sexism, racism, harassment, nepotism, poor management, morale, communication breakdown, budget crises, or marketplace competition. See me for approval of any other topics.
Use Block Memo Format. Address your memo to a real person.  In the event that you do not know any, I am a real person, so you may address it to me.

Your report will have FOUR sections with bolded headers: Introduction, Problem, Solutions, Conclusion.

You will use THREE sources for your supporting data, facts, claims or ideas:  one website, and at least two print sources. (Journal articles from an online database are considered a print source.)
Because you are exploring a business place problem discussed in the textbook, consider using your textbook as your third source.
1.    Follow MLA Format.

2.    Include a "Works Cited" page at the end of the report. This is your documentation.

3.    Include source citations/attributions within the body of the report. These are your citations.
4.    Two pages typed in Memo format with four headings: Introduction, Problem, Solution and Conclusion. (Works Cited is the third page.)

5.    Minimum of 750 words NOT counting the Works Cited page.

6.    Solutions section—be sure to propose at least two solutions, so that you may choose one and demonstrate why it is the best course of action.

7.    Include one or two visuals in your report:  picture, graphic, table, chart, etc.  Place the
          visual appropriately and keep it small—thumbprint to wallet photo size only.

8.    Do not use any contractions or slang.

9.    Has to be a "real" issue - you do not make up anything about this report.

10.    Evaluate source materials based on CARS: Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, and Support
Important Formatting Information! Make sure your letter is in 12 point type with the correct spacing.  As always, attach the draft as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.  Double check to make sure the file truly did attach and that it is the correct file.
•    Tell your audience why you are writing. Start strong and grab attention.
•    Show the seriousness of the problem/issue.
•    Give a brief overview of what caused the problem, including the history of the problem.
•    Describe the problem, using examples. Give specifics of the problem.
•    Tell who/what is responsible in an unbiased way. Avoid emotions or name calling.
•    Use statistics to show why the problem has worsened (cite sources of your statistics in MLA format).
•    Use a fairly formal style, without contractions or slang.
•    Avoid the word “you”.
•    Define any jargon or company-specific terms.
•    Present AT LEAST TWO solutions; your preferred solution, and at least one other.
•    Compare the solutions and demonstrate why your preferred solution is the best.
•    Show how benefits outweigh any costs
•    Present and overcome one or more counterarguments to YOUR solution.
•    Use source support for at least one supporting fact or statistic in this section (cite sources within text using MLA format).
•    Future looking tone with positive emphasis and YOU attitude
•    Summarize what has been said without repeating yourself
•    Show how the solution may lead to growth as an organization, team, etc.

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